Ignore the weird colors

Mixed up colors will be on here for a little bit. Ignore them, they do not exist. I know what I'm doing.


I fixed the video player... What's next? Media Server development.

Well, I broke it.

Sometime during the advertisement coding for the video player I broke it.

Vegetables finally did something

He kinda re-theme'd the website. I guess. It's not black and white anymore.

Well, I’m a dumb ass guys.

It has been brought to my attention that the uploads for the first two episodes on the site don't have subs. I'll fix it later but for...

New episode online!

Zombieland Saga Episode 2 is now live, go watch it before it more than likely gets ToS'd 1080p

First episode!

Zombieland Saga Episode 1 1080p

And it begins…

This is the developmental test bed for the new Animerehab.